“I dream of life’s best things being close by”

DSK Dream City-Township with beautiful waterfall residences


High Street Shopping

It is more about stepping out with confidence!
DSK Dream City High Street is the main commercial and retail street of this gorgeous city. Fun and trendy, there is always an element of creativity and personal style to be found here. From flea markets to swanky showrooms, the range of choice available is just the convenience you were always looking for!


Marine Club With Bars & Fine Dining

The Country Club is a cultural mix. With just about everything for everyone, the Country Club is an elite place for leisure and entertainment. High-end bars and lounges coupled with fine dining restaurants that offer the world on a platter, the Country Club is the happening zone of DSK Dream City.


Multiplexes and malls to give you the beat of tomorrow today! Pulsating and happening, areas where you can meet, shop, eat and have pure fun.

Recreating the movie experience at DSK Dream City is a Multiplex. With state-of-the-art projection technology and acoustics, the Multiplex offers the best in cinema and entertainment.

The club houses are nothing less than architectural wonders adorned by exotic gardens flaunting spectacular landscapes beautified by rare flora.
The DSK Dream City Town Hall is the centerpiece. Like all great town halls, this is the heart of the system, offering a multipurpose hall with 1000-seat capacity, a well-furnished library and reading room, and an expansive Art Gallery for culture connoisseurs.
When you live a dream life in the DSK Dream City, convenience is an everyday commodity. Shopping, Swimming pool and club house in one place make for a great place to freely mingle and extend your social circles.

Clubs & exotic gardens

Town Hall: with a multipurpose hall for 1000 people, library and arts gallery etc

Neighbourhood centers with convenience/essential shopping/ swimming pool/club house


Within DSK Dream City you can be carefree about your child’s safety and demands. Outdoor play areas are modelled to be child-friendly and develop a sense of community and belonging in your little toddlers. With sand pits and other playground equipment, the lush green outdoor play areas are unlike any other!

A place where time flies by, as the corners echo your laughter. The windows reflect the excitement in your eyes and the walls overhear your secret gossip. Now cherish your fun moments and kitty parties in the exclusive club crafted for the divas.
The worry of your child’s safety is put to rest at the special day-care Creche at DSK Dream City. With a caring, knowledgeable staff, you can now be assured that your little toddler will receive the same love and care along with a playful and interactive environment for development.



Books are a man’s best friends, and so DSK Dream City offers a well-stocked library with thousands of books across genres. In its well-lit and airy environs, you can also study or work at the special study rooms with access to Internet and other services.
Living healthy is a way of life at DSK Dream City and the naturally healthy environs here offers a great relaxation experience at the Spa. With therapies and other services that address both body and soul, come relax at the DSK Dream City Spa.




Explore a natural and holistic approach to fitness, health and happiness at the DSK Dream City Yoga Center. Explore natural way to physical and therapeutic salvation in commune with Nature.